Are you a “Golddigger”? 
By Bro. Worthwhile
According to the stereotype, Golddiggers are women who date men for their money. Men view as mean, greedy and down right evil this type of women. By other woman they may reserve a quite admiration for these women. As a young man on the market this “Urban Legend” always spooked me. Due to the messed up state of male/female relations in America I found myself in a relationship with a woman who was a part-time Golddigger. It was through this relationship that I learned the truth behind the myth of the Golddigger.

Searching for a life partner in America can be very strenuous. In my heart, I don’t believe it is supposed to be such a difficult and stressful process. It is because of this stress that the Golddigger and Player mentalities are so prevalent. Both the Player and the Golddigger mentalities are equally innocent as they are dastardly. They’re both used offensively to hurt people and defensively to protect themselves by men and women when dating. The philosophy of the Player and the Golddigger is so commonly accepted that a person could be behaving like one without even being aware. Maybe, because I’m a male I believe that women have the power to change both of these counter productive behaviors. I believe the men in society do what they do because women let them. I also believe that if men and women got a better understanding of the Golddigger’s behavior that it could limit them. I have prepared a list of ten behavioral signs of Golddigger. This is for all women who think they aren’t Golddiggers and want to make sure.
  1. If you cannot support yourself (and or child) financially and feel that having a man in your life would solve the problem.
  2. If you feel you are a better person because of the price of the clothes you wear or the car you drive whether you paid for them yourself or they were gifts.
  3. If you feel that you are a better person based on the status of the company you keep. Whether they are your friends or the friends of the person you are dating.
  4. If you are being financially supported by the man you are dating or have no problem with a man who is only your boyfriend paying all your bills (rent, cell, phone, car note and even child’s tuition).
  5. If you feel that the price of a gift to you coincides with the amount of love or feelings the give has toward you.
  6. If you feel that your boyfriend is supposed to have your financial back. To ensure that he is capable of this you may create a false financial crisis to see if he pays to solve it for you. He has to pay out of his own money not help you find a better job or partime job. God forbid if he shows you how to consolidate your bill or suggest you cut back on your spending. Black Gloddiggers call this activity “checking a Nigga”.
  7. If you feel that you should be able to ask your boyfriend no matter how well he is doing financially for money without having to explain why. Even more if you feel you shouldn’t even have to ask for money. You feel that your boyfriend should understand that you have bills. He should give you money weekly to get your hair and nails done. Smalltime men $50 a week works but, up to $500 can be expected and high rollers give thousands to their girlfriends.
  8. If you have no problems using your boyfriends things for your personal use. If you use things like his car or truck or credit card more than you used your own. Especially, if you’ve practically moved into his house, condo or boat.
  9. If you allow a richer man more access to you or your possessions than you would normally. Something as simple as time. If you start spending “all” you’re free time with your “new man”. This is the free time you used to spend socializing with you girlfriends, family or child. If you spend this time with him because this “new man” is offering to take you to Amusement Parks or short trips to thee Caribbean where he will pay for everything. A good sign of this is if you can’t remember the last time you spent time with friends, family of child.
  10. If you don’t want to introduce your richer boyfriend to family and friends or even socialize with them. This sign deals with the inner quilt you have about fact that your “new man” biggest and only attribute is his money. You avoid family and friends because they noticed things about your behavior that you ignore. 
These signs are just clues and if only one is true that may not make the women a Golddigger. However, she may have another problem. It is my feeling that the values of Golddiggers are so widely accepted that many women get labeled Golddiggers who aren’t. Just like the label of “easy” or “fast” or “a Hoe” men use Golddigger and Chickenhead loosely. For most women who get labeled Golddiggers they may not be the real dangerous kind or even Golddiggers at all. Everybody wants a person who can support themselves and there’s nothing wrong with that. In America men are socialized to think they should provide for their wives. We’re the confusion exists is when women allow their preference for financial stability in a man over shadow their other preferences. For example, both men and women have preferences in a variety of categories for their ideal mate. Women guilty of this may date an unattractive man who has a lot of money or a man who is disrespectful but he gives expensive gifts. Even basic preferences like education and common sense get overshadowed. A good example of this is Anna Nicole Smith who married an old man who was wealthy. His attraction was motivated by her appearance and hers by his wealth. America is a free society and people are allowed to marry who they like so Golddigging is no crime. Golddigging is just as bad as men who date women who will make good sexual partners. It is never good when people allow for one preference to over shadow others. People should choose mates who they like more than one thing about. Looks don’t last forever and wealth doesn’t make a man a good father or husband. Golddiggers and Players are by products of a dysfunctional society. If we can rid our community of these values maybe the divorce rate will decrease, marriages will last longer and people will enjoy dating a being single again. Peace and love Brother Worthwhile.