Poetry Is Going Hip Hop!
By Brother Worthwhile
Okay, for all of those people into underground rap or straight lyrics then Russell Simmons has got something for you. This is the third season of Def Poets and I think itís found itís mark with Hip Hop. I have been a fan of poetry ever since 1989 and now itís seems like itís finally caught on. Russell Simmons gets props from me because Def Poets HBO is Hot. The first season was the bomb and the second season was okay but, this third season is the best. Itís like Def Comedy Jam where the performers are arranged in a flowing order. The poets are complementing each other now. Russell is the man because I donít think he first started but he has worked at it and now his show is the best of all of the Televised poetry shows. There has always been a variety of poetry clubs. You had the revolutionary, the gay/lesbian, sexed out and ever popular ďLove JonesĒ style club. No other show ha showcased my favorite which is the Hip Hop style. There are no vegitarians, no candles and you donít snap your fingers. At Hip Hop Poetry clubs you here the music with a DJ and thereís an afterparty. You can buy beer and get a Long Island Iced Tea. The poets are regular heads and are wearing FUBU and Nikeís. Some of the hottest Hip Hop Poets out right now are Mums (from Oz), Abyis (former comic), Lemon (from the Broadway Play) and ofcourse Flowmentalz (also raps). These poets are changing the image of poetry. See rapping have always thought they could just do a rhyme without a beat and that was poetry. Well, thank god for Russell Simmons Def Poets because Russell Simmons has the respect of the industry and got rappers kickin poems on the show. Thatís what I think makes Russell Simmonís Def Poets show better than all of the other poetry show. Back to the rappers doing poetry. Now, Iíve always felt that poetry, even Hip Hop Poetry was a different art. I donít think that being a good rapper means you will be a good poet. I have seen all types of good poet. I have seen all types of good rappers do poems on Def Poets and none of them had the flavor of strait poets. Rappers like Keith Murray, Common, Rakim and the Host Mos Def have all tried to do poetry. Even though none of the bombed no rapper has blown up the spot either. I think the only rapper that might be able to do a poem is KRS #1. In the rappers defense I just donít think the rappers are trying hard enough. Thereís no money in poetry yet and think once a major label releases a poetry album and someone get paid nobody in rap is going to take poetry serious. I believe the best is yet to come with poetry. In the clubs there are so many poets that havenít appeared on TV yet. Look out for Rob Hylton, Gemineye, Harlem 125, Mar and Tammy Carr. I say watch all the shows BETís The Lyric Cafe and Russell Simmons Def Poets on HBO. Poetry has always been a hot imagenative artform and now that Hip Hop has infused with it, it is even HOTTER.