Why I killed Players 
By Jeff Carroll

One question I always get is how can my movie GOLDDIGGER KILLER have a positive message if it has killings in it. Well, when my film won Best Narrative Feature at the International Hip Hop Film Festival's Odyssey Awards I got a little carried away in my acceptance speech. I did more than just say thank you and explain my philosphy. I dissed the promotion of player behavior in Hip Hop and I mentioned lyrics of Nelly, Snoop Dog and 50 Cent. I would now like to take this time to explain myself to you in full detail. Okay, here is the deal, I'm not joking when I say Hip Hop was not created for men to be disrespectful to women. I feel that it is our responsibility to keep our children in check. I seized the opportunity to address the International Hip Hop film world because I felt it was important for people to understand that GOLDDIGGER KILLER was written to address the misogyny in Hip Hop. The cold blooded killings in GDK are there to send a message to the Hip Hop community not for entertainment only.

The 2005 Odyssey Awards was filled with Hip Hop notables. The best narrative feature Film award was the last award to be presented. People like Afrikaa Bambataa (Hip Hop founder), Rosa Clemente (Hip Hop activist radio talk show host), Nelson George (Hip Hop Journalist), Abe Odun (Founder of the Last Poets) and Rozanne Shante Phd (Rap Pioneer) made comments about the state of Hip Hop and George Bush. So, it was totally appropriate for me to drop my own bomb. I wasn't sure how I would be received because the anger and frustration in GDK is not directed at the "whiteman" or "the government". The anger in GDK is unleashed on Players. Black and Latino men who victimize women by cheating on them, treating them like sex objects and raping them. The Golddigger Killer killed Players. This epidemic of Player and Golddiggers is something we have to deal with ourselves as a Hip Hop Community. In my acceptance speech I said Nelly's misogynistic videos, 50 Cent's songs and Snoop Dogg image are what we have to deal with because they promote player values. I also said "the GAME in dating is making it hard for Hip Hoppers to connect and get married, I wrote GDK to address the issues that will make it easier for us to get married". I got a round of applause. So, it's official! GDK is an accepted film in the Hip Hop community. That means there is some support for this attack I am waging on Players and Golddiggers

I decided to take on this issue because I feel qualified. See I am a total Hip Hopper, I started DJing at age13 in 1982, when my cousin gave me my first turntables. He gave me Technique SB 210s. They were belt drives and not as good as the 1200's that were the popular ones. I lived on Teaneck, NJ and nobody else had any turntables like them anyway. I became a top DJ and quickly started throwing my own parties and rap contests. I was a professional Hip Hop event planner at age 15. I even had Mr. Magic (the top Hip Hop radio DJ in NY at the time) play a tape from one of my Hip Hop battles on his show. One of the local beat box kids battled Biz Markie. I have been a part of Hip Hop culture since I was a pre-teen it has been a major part of my life as well. Now, that I'm a father I know my son will be raised in today's Hip Hop culture and not with the values which were present in Hip Hop when I was young. When I was growing up rappers like Run DMC were getting props for being College Students and now a days every rapper is expected to be a single and a stud. Today you get props for saying you are a drug dealer and a player. I guess this is what we get for not dealing with Big Daddy Kane's song "Pimping ain't easy" and rappers like Play of Kid-n-Play who's name was short for Playboy. Whether, you like at it or not the popularity of the player image in Hip Hop is too dominant. It is so dominant that even pimps don't get dissed. Despite other issues I may have with Bobby Brown the TV show he had in 2005 "Being Bobby Brown" on Bravo and Rev. Run's show "Run's House" now in it's second season on MTV, challenge the player and pimp images. Bobby Brown was more popular than R Kelly is now and he could have had any woman he wanted and now for him to be a faithful husband and father is powerful. What I like about Rev. Run's show is that he is being a Hip Hop father. He talks to his children about his values and life. These are needed images. People around the world need to see these images and not just the Hip Hop community because everyone needs to see that Hip Hop men can be loyal married fathers. My movie GDK attacks the player image from one side and Run’s House and Being Bobby Brown are coming from the other side. Together we give young Hip Hoppers something to think about. Since everyone in the Black community likes to quote Malcolm X when he said "By any means necessary" I will do the same because that is how I feel about this issue. We have examples of Hip Hop families which show what happens from NOT being a player. My movie GOLDDIGGER KILLER shows what can happen from being a player. I believe we should use "ALL" means necessary to combat this negative trend. Rape is one example of how misogyny can become violent. Some people will not stop being violent until they are threatened with a violent response. So, for these people I decided show a violence to fight violence with violence and that is why I killed players in my movie. PEACE.