GYFTED  - Musical Act

Gyfted proves that rap music can be both positive and appealing, by 
blending inspirational lyrics with club thumping beats. Hailing from 
Columbus, Ohio, a city known more for its powerhouse college football 
than its urban music scene, Gyfted is out to make a difference. He 
steers away from the female degradation and negative images so often 
portrayed in today’s mainstream hip-hop with the goal to create 
music that while entertaining, gives hope and encouragement to the 
lives of young people.


With the recent release of his debut CD, 
“Best Kept Secret” (October 2005), Gyfted is a secret no longer. 
He has performed in various cities throughout the U.S. playing 
festivals, schools, and community events. Backed by a group of hip-
hop dancers, Gyfted’s performance is an exciting mix of R&B 
influenced hip-hop music representing a career built on love, driven 
by faith, and immersed in soul.