JEFF CARROLL   - Speaker

Writer, Filmmaker and Hip-Hop Activist

Who is YO JEFF Carroll

Stop playing games and take dating seriously.


Yo Jeff Carroll is a man of many hats and a broad background. He is an entreprenur owning RBG Promotions a College Entertainment and his new Comic book and film company called Hip Hop Comix N Flix. However he can best be described as a Hip Hop activist. From his writings to his film work, his books, Jeff Carroll addresses the issue of male/female relations through dating. His Stop the GAME college speaking tour is part of his effort to promote healthy respectable dating and marriage. Jeff is a lifetime Hip Hopper. He started Djing when he was 13 years old 1980 and by the time he was in High School he was promoting his own rap battles. His battles played host to legendary Hip Hoppers like beatbox BizMarkie and fellow classmate DAS EFX.

Jeff’s marriage in 2001 changed his life and it marked the end of a very important phase in life what he calls “solo development”. He lives with his wife and son in South Florida. In 2004 he wrote and produced the award winning movie Gold Digger Killer that received critical acclaim both in the Hip Hop community and the greater society. The movie told the story of a college student who decided to date a man for his money that later rapes her. In 2005 he presented his Hip Hop Dating Codes, which were endorsed by Hip Hop Culturalist KRS-ONE. Jeff tells stories of why not having a date kept him from going to his High School Prom, the 3 years in his late 20’s he spent celibate and how he avoided the lure of playing women. It is these experiences, which gives him the ability to reach students and other single people and give them empowering advice. Jeff is a leading voice of Hip Hop reform and dating as a precursor to marriage.