Nivia L. Binett-Caroll  - Speaker

Nivia is one of 5 brothers & Sisters. Her mother an immigrant from The Dominican Republic. She speaks both English and Spanish and attended elementary school in both USA and DR. She was born in New York City and has been living in Miami for 17 years. She is married and is a mother of 2 boys. Nivia started out working as a Home Health Aid on weekends while going to College. She also worked as a secretary, cashier at Burger King and part-time in the guidance counseling office at her College.

Nivia received her B.A. at Kean University in Therapeutic Recreation after graduating from Eastside High School in New Jersey. She moved to Florida and continued pursuing

her career as an Occupational Therapist where she received her Master's Degree in 1995 from Florida International University. In 2006 she became is a Certified Holistic Counselor from The International Board of African Thinkers, Traditional Priests, Priestesses, Healers and Religion, Inc. She is currently pursing her certification as a Health and Nutritional Counselor from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition which is associated with Colombia University.

Nivia is now owner of Excel Rehab and Optimal Therapy Care a clinic that provides therapy for stroke victims and other physical injuries located in Miami Gardens. She is committed to serving her community and continues to pursue her education in order to help people learn how they can make changes in their lives to be healthier and happier.